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Purse Thief Stripped Naked In Chile (VIDEO)

WATCH: Purse Thief Gets More Than He Bargained For

This takes "stop and frisk" to a whole new level.

In one of the weirder videos we've seen since, well, this one, a Chilean purse thief was stopped and stripped naked by a "vigilante horde," according to Gawker.

The incident, filmed by a passerby on his cell phone in the town of Providencia then later reported by Chilean news station Mega Noticias, occurred when a man tried to snatch an old woman's purse on the sidewalk of an underpass. When he failed to grab the bag and run, he was surrounded by a group of twisted-minded citizens who proceeded to rip off all of his clothes -- except his shirt, which they made him remove himself.

Then onlookers pelted him from above with coins and empty bottles.

Moral of the story: Chileans take their purse snatching very seriously and would like to see you naked.