Pusha T Starts College Fund For 6-Year-Old In Viral Anti-Violence Video

The rapper also gave Lil J tickets to Six Flags and lots of other gifts.

The 6-year-old who called for an end to violence in his hometown in a viral video struck a chord with Pusha T ― so much so that the rapper is starting a college fund for him.

Jeffrey “Lil J” Laney urged the people in St. Louis to “stop killing each other” in a viral Facebook video his mom posted on May 15. The G.O.O.D. Music president responded to the heartfelt plea with a video and a letter to Jeffrey. 

In the letter, posted on Instagram on Saturday, the rapper told Jeffrey that his “brave” video “woke [him] up.” 

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“Hopefully other men in our communities see this video and also realize that a 6 year old boy just challenged us all to do better,” he said. “No matter where we are in life we have to look out for the youth. As someone who’s familiar with places not too different from where you are, please believe me your options are endless and there is so much more to the world than your neighborhood. You have your life in front of you and you should enjoy every moment of it and more importantly LOOK FORWARD not behind you or around you and worry.”

In addition to starting the 6-year-old’s college fund, the rapper gave Jeffrey some things he can benefit from now. Pusha offered to pay for Six Flags tickets for Jeffrey and for summer camp at the Boys and Girls Club for him and his two cousins. He also threw in games, books and an iPad, and promised to buy the kindergartener tickets to see the new Spider-Man film.

“Lil J I want you to do me a favor and enjoy being 6 yrs old,” he wrote. “Smile more than frown, explore without fear, learn uncontrollably, dream without limits.”

Jeffrey’s mom, Leanndra Cheatham, posted a Facebook video Friday of her son with the gifts Pusha T gave him. The 6-year-old thanked him for the presents.

“You gave me a lot of toys and I’m excited to go to college and I’m excited to go to summer camp and I love you, Pusha T,” he said, blowing a kiss afterward. 

Watch Jeffery’s original video below.



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