'Puss In Boots' Screening: 'Devil Inside' Trailer Shown Accidentally, Terrifying Kids

'Devil Inside' Trailer Terrifies Kids At 'Puss in Boots'

Imagine you're eight years old again. You've just sat down at a movie theater with your parents to see the "Shrek" spinoff, "Puss in Boots," where a lovable talking cat goes around sword fighting and making cute jokes. You're expecting some kid-friendly trailers before the film begins, too! But, unfortunately, the downright terrifying clip for "The Devil Inside" plays instead, subsequently scarring you for life and making you sleep with a nightlight on until you're 25.

This is the reality one such audience encountered during a UK screening of "Puss in Boots." Before the movie started, the cinema accidentally played the trailers for "The Devil Inside" and "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance." The children -- and parents -- were not pleased by the horrifying exorcisms or Nic Cage's head exploding into flames.

"Cinemagoer Peter Flynn told the Mirror his four-year-old daughter Laura "was extremely frightened by what were exceptionally strong images, even by adult standards ... I tried to cover her eyes." Another filmgoer, Catherine Walker, said: "It was every parent's nightmare -- kids watching exorcism trailers."

The cinema's general manager, David Denyer, apologized afterward, stating, "I would be upset if my children had seen those trailers, which were meant for 'Underworld Awakening,' the next film to be shown. We're investigating how this error happened and action will be taken if appropriate."

This isn't the first time adult films have been shown to unsuspecting kids at theaters. In 2010, children were given the torture-porn flick "Saw 3D," instead of "Megamind."

[via Guardian and Mirror]

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