Put Campbell in the Can!

Like swallows returning to Capistrano year after year, so has Naomi Campbell to police custody. In this year's arrest, Ms. Campbell was handcuffed and removed yesterday from a British Airways terminal in London, where she allegedly spat at a police officer. Cause? Campbell was among the thousands of people whose luggage has been lost since the airline opened its new Terminal 5, though the only one so far to express her dissatisfaction through expectorating. This, however, is not the first time she's spat in the face of the judicial system, but more about that later.

And while one cannot condone her deplorable and abusive behavior, from a legal standpoint one has to marvel at how she repeatedly gets in trouble in different jurisdictions, where her prior infractions have no bearing on her current imbroglio. Had Campbell been busted at JFK Airport, for example, the runway model would have landed in a Big Apple jail and faced more serious charges because of a previous misdemeanor conviction in New York.

I have followed Campbell's career over the past decade and she is certainly a trendsetter. Among her trends is that she spreads her offensiveness across the globe, and yet limits her arrests to only English-speaking countries, such as the United States, England, and Canada. Breathe easier France and Germany. Australia, take cover!

Another Campbell trend is that the runway model flies off the handle shortly after her planes land or right before they take off. In February 2000, Campbell pleaded guilty in Canada to assaulting her assistant Georgina Galanis while in Toronto making the film, "Prisoner of Love." In that case, Campbell's unmodel-like behavior included whacking Galanis on the head with a telephone. Cause? Campbell was reportedly agitated after having been earlier delayed by Canadian customs. For that Campbell was given a slap - presumably lighter than the one her assistant took to the noggin - with the prosecution seeking merely an acknowledgment of remorse from her in exchange for no jail time or a criminal record.

On March 30, 2006, Campbell was charged with assault for throwing a cell phone at her maid, Ana Scolavino, who required four surgical staples to close a wound on the back of her head. Cause for her trend-in-the-making attack? Campbell couldn't find a particular pair of jeans that she wanted to wear on "Oprah," where she was slated to fly for a taping. Several months later in January 2007, Campbell, once again pleaded guilty to assault, and did five days of community service as well as attended anger management classes.

Wedged in between those "greatest hits" were assorted accusations and lawsuits by various other maids and assistants who claimed they were similarly struck by the poser.

Regardless of how many times Campbell is hauled into court because of her criminal actions, she hasn't reconfigured or reconstituted herself. She clearly hasn't even expressed a genuine shred of remorse. And astoundingly, she has been rewarded for her jumbo jet-sized arrogance. While paying her debt to society at a New York City Department of Sanitation garage (for the Scolavino assault), Campbell essentially spat in the face of justice by mockingly strutting in and out of her five days of community service in haute couture for what became a W magazine cover story.

Resolution: Limit Naomi Campbell's travel to cars, boats and bicycles (but not the tandem kind) and only in non-English speaking countries. She should also only be allowed to use phones for calling her lawyers and not attacking her employees.

If these current allegations are true, it's time for Naomi Campbell to finally pay for her misdeeds. And whether she's striking her staff or spitting on cops in London, New York, Toronto or even in Capistrano, we shouldn't have to swallow that beauty's ugly behavior anymore.

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