Put It On A T-Shirt: POSHGLAM

When referencing first to use in commerce, the old saying "Put it on a T-Shirt" still wins people over. After 11 Years of business, we've taken to silly SnapChat well, and selling t-shirts prior to our relaunch of the dot com domain. POSHGLAM has hosted years of humor and antics surrounding 'luxury emergent brands' and is happy to say that we've made it this far. The brand was born in NYC, from my luxury high rise apartment. It grew to be a blog that covered global brands with promise and prestige. Our writers have varied from highly intelligent teenagers in India with a knack for fashion, to college girls that know it all. We've hosted editorial directors with AP Stylebooks and contributors, happy for a byline. POSHGLAM has given birth to a number of blogs and social media fames. Happy to say, we are back to t-shirts, and ready for something exciting and new. Smart. Fashionable. Glamorous. Follow along @POSHGLAM