Ukrainians Shout 'Putin's A D**khead' As Drones Drop Bombs On Kyiv: Reports

"We are together," Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a New Year's Day address. "They are together only in fear."

Foreign social media accounts were sharing videos showing Ukrainians standing on balconies and in the streets defiantly shouting “Putin is a d**khead” as drones dropped bombs on Kyiv over the weekend.

A local radio station reportedly played the Ukrainian national anthem, a salute to Ukrainians’ indomitable spirit, during the barrage.

The sound of bombs — and screams — can be heard in one video as people shout “Putin’s a dickhead,” “Russian warship, go fuck yourself,” and “glory to Ukraine,” according to reported translations.

“Putin’s a dickhead” — “Putin khuylo!” — is a popular phrase in Ukraine, which grew from a football chant in 2014.

The “Russian warship” phrase originated from a Ukrainian sailor stationed on Snake Island who was part of a group that refused to surrender to Russian forces early in the war.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued an emotional condemnation of Russia in a New Year’s Eve address. He said the “terrorist state” will never be forgiven for its brutal bombing of Ukraine. He accused Russians of being in league with the “devil,” and vowed that the “inhuman will not win.”

Zelenskyy said in a video address Sunday in Ukraine: “Our sense of unity and authenticity, life itself, contrasts with the fear that prevails in Russia. They are afraid. You can feel it,” he added. “And they are right to be afraid, because they are losing.”

“We are together,” said Zelenskyy. “They are together only in fear.”

Zelenskyy said 45 Russian drones involved in the barrage had been shot down.

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