We Can't Tell Whether This Putin Drawing Is SFW, Let Alone Schoolchildren (VIDEO)

Vladimir Putin is a true Renaissance Man: expert fisherman, tiger hunter, judo master... fine artist?

The Russian president apparently demonstrated his drawing skills on Monday, when he stopped by a middle school in the Siberian Kurgan to ring in the new school year. According to RIA Novosti, Putin entertained students with a sketch on a classroom's new, interactive whiteboard.

"This is for you to remember," he said, before proceeding to draw something that was unrecognizable at best and potentially X-rated at worst.

When the stumped classroom asked what the drawing was, Putin answered plainly, "It’s a cat -- from the back." (Obviously.)

It's a good thing he clarified: turns out, we're not the only ones who feared Putin had joined the pantheon of the unintentionally pornographic. The crew over at MSNBC's Morning Joe was equally confused trying to decipher the doodle.

We have to admit that we're a bit surprised at this newly discovered skill. Recent history would suggest that Putin prefers dogs and isn't really a fan of the arts. Perhaps he was inspired by another world leader's animalistic oeuvre.

Watch Putin show off his painting prowess in the video above.



Vladimir Putin: Judo Master