Putin Portrait Placed In Colorado Capitol Where Donald Trump's Should Be

Though, there's a reason no Trump portrait exists there yet.

The group Colorado Citizens for Culture is responsible for collecting donations so that presidential portraits may be commissioned to adorn the halls of the capitol in Denver.

President Donald Trump is the next to have his displayed, but so far the group has raised ... no money at all for a $10,000 portrait of No. 45, according to NBC affiliate 9NEWS in Denver. (In such a booming economy, Mr. President?)

Colorado Citizens for Culture leader Jay Sellers said that enough money was raised within four months to commission portraits of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

An unknown culprit did add a 45th portrait to the gallery, though. Democratic state Sen. Steve Fenberg tweeted this photo after Russian President Vladimir Putin’s picture joined the group.

The Putin portrait was later removed by a tour guide who apparently has a part-time job as a party pooper.