Putin Goes Scuba Diving At 'Russia's Atlantis' (VIDEO)

Just when you thought Vladimir Putin had done it all -- played hockey, crooned standards, flown planes and rode horses -- Russia's ever-ambitious prime minister has found a new realm to explore.

The premier now seems to be trying on Jacques Cousteau's legacy for size, traveling to the Taman Peninsula to go scuba diving at a submerged archaeological site known as the "Russian Atlantis."

As the state news agency RIA Novosti is reporting, Putin emerged from the water with two ancient ceramic containers which he claimed to have found at a depth of two meters. He then indicated he would discuss prospects of opening a museum at the site, where the ancient Greek city of Phanagoria once stood: "Mankind will be interested to learn that we have such riches. I believe people will come from all over the world."

Watch footage of Putin's adventurous dive here:

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