Putin: Snowden Can Come To The Olympics

WASHINGTON -- In case you were curious, Edward Snowden, the famed National Security Agency leaker who is now living under asylum in Russia, is free to attend the Olympic games in Sochi next month.

On Sunday, George Stephanopoulos, of ABC's "This Week," scored a sit-down interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. And among the topics of discussion –- Russian-U.S. relations, Olympic security -- the two talked about Snowden’s capacity to travel.

And if Snowden has a hankering to watch the top curlers in the world, he’s in luck.

STEPHANOPOULUS: The most famous American in Russia right now is Edward Snowden. Is he invited to Sochi?

PUTIN: The most renowned American in Russia right now is Barack Obama.

STEPHANOPOULUS: But he is not in Russia right now.

PUTIN: Everybody is invited. Mr. Snowden is subjected to the treatment of provisional asylum here in Russia. He has a right to travel freely across the country. He has no special limitation. He can buy a ticket and come here.

STEPHANOPOULUS: And stay as long as he wants?

PUTIN: Yes. Sure, definitely.



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