Vladimir Putin Is A 'Danger To Life' In Chilling New Street Art

Chicago-born artist Pegasus slammed the Russian president's "senseless taste for blood" with his new piece in London.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gets the skull and crossbones treatment in street artist Pegasus’ new piece.

“Danger To Life,” blares the creation of Chicago-born Pegasus, whose real name is Chris Turner. The artist painted the street art in protest of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in his home city of London over the weekend.

Pegasus said he was “just lost for words” over the invasion and felt compelled to stand in solidarity with Ukrainians, if only artistically.

“Putin in my eyes is a ruthless and lethal leader, so a skull and crossbones was the best way for me to express that thought in the form of an image,” he told HuffPost.


“The world is watching Vladimir Putin’s senseless taste for blood with disgust,” he added. “Putin has oppressed his people, but he cannot silence us. I am one of millions who stand in solidarity with Ukraine and hope for a peaceful end to this unprovoked and unjustified war.”

Orlando St. James

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