Putting Impeachment Center Stage

Finally, backboned America has a forum besides Dennis Kucinich's website: the Culture Project of New York's "A Question of Impeachment" forum.
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"They Took It Off The Table, So We Put It On The Stage."

On that defiant note, The Culture Project of New York has enlisted the help of Naomi Wolf, Lynn and Corin Redgrave, Lewis Lapham, Elizabeth de la Vega and dozens more scholars, artists, and activists to launch "A Question of Impeachment," promoted as:

An ambitious and unique new series gathering today's most brilliant and visionary minds to explore and debate the case for the impeachment of President George Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney.

Finally, backboned America has a forum besides Dennis Kucinich's website. For the impeachment-hungry who are unable to attend in person, highlights will be broadcast on The Culture Project's website. Enjoy the clip below, and visit the site for more media.

"A Question of Impeachment," is a 5-week series, continuing Sundays and Mondays through Sunday, December 16, 2007.

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