Putting Impeachment On the Table

Putting Impeachment On the Table
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From my perch as a consultant to Progressive Democrats of America, I see mounting pressure to put impeachment on the table. Momentum is building due to continuous revelations of an imperial White House bent on undermining our system of justice (now, with sick-bed coercion).

Among citizens and elected officials, including Members of Congress, there is growing sentiment that this reckless Administration is a threat to our Constitutional system. And that Bush and Cheney must be aggressively investigated - "with appropriate remedies and punishment, including impeachment," in the words of a tough resolution passed by the California Democratic Party 18 days ago. The California resolution took aim at Bush/Cheney for using false information to invade Iraq, torture, warrantless wiretaps and suspending Habeas Corpus.

Yesterday, the Detroit City Council called for impeachment of Bush and Cheney in a unanimous resolution sponsored by Council President Pro Tem Monica Conyers, wife of the House Judiciary Chair John Conyers. Detroit is now the biggest city to pass such a resolution.

Progressive Democrats of America has been a centerpiece in the coalition demanding investigation/accountability/impeachment. PDA launched its current campaign in Massachusetts two months ago with public forums on impeachment featuring antiwar mom Cindy Sheehan and constitutional lawyer John Bonifaz. In their wake, a half-dozen town councils in Western Mass passed impeachment resolutions, with more expected.

On April 24, Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced H Res 333, Articles of Impeachment against Vice President Cheney, and has been joined by several co-sponsors. In recent weeks, Congress members from John Murtha to Maxine Waters have discussed impeachment as an option to restrain an out-of-control White House.

This week, PDA launched a campaign to have grassroots Democrats send ImpeachMINTS to their members of Congress: "For a Fresher Democracy, Try ImpeachMINT." Within hours, the campaign had raised thousands of dollars in $15 increments. Hundreds of mints are on their way to Capitol Hill, and PDA activists will be scheduling meetings with members of Congress during the Memorial Day recess.

"Impeachment is neither a distraction nor vengeance," commented PDA national director Tim Carpenter, in a release issued today. "It's a Constitutional mandate to insure that the White House obeys the law, treaties and the Constitution itself -- especially important with Bush and Cheney viewing themselves as above the law."

Carpenter concluded: "We're hearing progressive voices calling for impeaching Attorney General Gonzalez. That could well be a distraction, unless our focus remains on the President and Vice President who've given the orders, issued the false statements and signing statements, while knowingly and arrogantly subverting the law and the Constitution."

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