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You Thought A Rubik's Cube Was Hard? Check Out This Rubik's Building

Rubik's cubes are hard. Although we've never tried one, we'd guess that building-size Rubik's cubes are even harder. This morning we're wrapping our minds around the fact that such a thing actually exists, thanks to Javier Lloret, a student in Interface Culture in Austria.

For his masters thesis Lloret designed "Puzzle Facade," morphing an Austrian office building into a monstrous, glowing Rubik's cube. The giant cube is meant to be cracked by a user, although Lloret's version is even harder since the viewer can only see two sides at a time.

The Creators Project explain the logistics on their site:

Coded in OpenFrameworks, Puzzle Facade uses an interface-cube that holds electronic components to keep track of rotation and orientation. Then, the information is sent via Bluetooth to a computer that implements software to change the lights and color of the building facade in correlation to the handheld, interface cube.

We can't decide if we're fascinated or horrified at the prospect of the urban landscape transforming into a giant, illuminated video game. Take a look at the video above and let us know your diagnosis in the comments.