Queer Punk Band PWR BTTM Drops New Video, Announces New Album Release Date

The pair's upcoming work is all about "radical optimism."

PWR BTTM offered fans some major news this week: they’ve got a new video and there’s a release date for their upcoming album.

The breakout queer punk duo, made up of Ben Hopkins and Liv Bruce, has developed an international cult following over the last few years. Not only do the pair bring visibility to queer themes and ideas, they also speak to the joy and pain of young queer people and their experiences. 

Their new video is for a track entitled “Big Beautiful Day” and can be viewed above. Their upcoming album, “Pageant,” is slated for release on May 12.

”’Big Beautiful Day’ is about radical optimism: about looking past those who try and bring you down with irreverence and positivity,” Hopkins told The Huffington Post. “The song title itself is something my mom said, about how life is huge and exciting and we can’t waste it letting those who try to hurt us win. I’ve spent so much time in my life sitting in my apartment thinking I am the only person in the world who feels the feelings I’ve felt, and the thing that has always pulled me out of that is the support of my friends and family. For the video, I wanted to have a dance party with all the people I love and just truly, completely enjoy life and ignore hatred for a little while.”

With Rolling Stone naming the duo’s hit “Projection” as the 6th best song of 2016, we’re beyond stoked to hear the new album from PWR BTTM. Stay tuned to HuffPost Queer Voices for more from these two.



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