Pyongyang Restaurant: North Korean Eatery Opens In Amsterdam

If a trip to North Korea isn't in the cards this year, worry not. Now the country's culture and cuisine is available just across the pond.

Amidst Amsterdam's romantic canals, hash bars and red light district, there now lives Europe's first North Korean restaurant, reports Agence France-Presse.

Dubbed "Pyongyang Restaurant," the authentic eatery serves dishes like roasted oysters, black chicken soup, sashimi and kimchi, all cooked by a North Korean trained chef, according to the restaurant's website.

But they aren't just serving up North Korean cuisine; Dutch owner Remco van Daal has also set up a cultural center where visitors can look at art, schedule a trip to North Korea or take part in a bit of Karaoke.

Though the North Korean Ambassador to Switzerland attended the opening last week, van Daal insists it's not a political venture, nor does it have any association with the Pyongyang Restaurant chain based in Beijing, which has ties to the regime, Business Insider reports.