Monty Python And The Foreign Object: Vets Pull Something From Snake -- And Keep Pulling

A pet python swallowed a lot more than it should have, but veterinarians were able to save the day.

A pet snake in Australia needed some emergency care after it swallowed an entire beach towel earlier this month.

A video posted on social media by Sydney’s Small Animal Specialist Hospital showed how vets saved the pet, named Monty. The 10-foot, 18-year-old female jungle carpet python was given anesthesia and scanned to find the towel, the organization wrote on Facebook.

Dr. Olivia Clarke of the hospital’s avian and exotics department then sent forceps in through an endoscope to grab the towel and pull it.

As the video above shows, she had to keep pulling.

Both snake and towel are now doing well.

“Monty was discharged from hospital the same day and her owner reports she is back to her happy, hungry self,” the hospital wrote on Facebook.

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