'Daddy, Don't Put That Thing In The Car!' Family Finds Stowaway Python On Engine

This was the second time the snake had been caught that day.

Always check under your hood if there is a strange noise or smell ....only in Zimbabwe !!!

Posted by Brian Murphy on Thursday, March 3, 2016

A massive python was filmed being uncoiled from a Zimbabwean family’s car engine as they made their way home last week.

The pesky python apparently didn’t know when to take a hint, with the family telling CNN that this was the second time it had been caught that day.

Earlier, the slithery stowaway had been bagged in their hen house and driven about four miles away before being released, only for it to slither back to the family's vehicle and into the radiator.

Ben Mostert, who filmed the video of his family’s vehicle, said they slowly drove a short ways, hoping it'd fall out. When this didn't happen, they resorted to extracting it with their bare hands.

A massive python is seen being removed from a family's engine in Zimbabwe.
A massive python is seen being removed from a family's engine in Zimbabwe.

As three men work to pull the reptile out, Mostert's 5-year-old son, Patrick, is seen shouting out of the car's window.

"Daddy, don't put that thing in the car!" he screams while watching the men carry it away and tossing it into some nearby brush.

Mostert said when they moved into their home they were warned by the previous owners of a massive snake that showed up from time to time.

Pythons are a protected species in Zimbabwe, and it's a criminal offense to kill them, so the family resorted to finding it a new home.

Last month, a Zimbabwean man was sentenced to nine years in jail for killing a python and hanging its skin on his dining room wall. The man defended his actions saying that the animal had been eating his livestock, according to Zimbabwe's Eyewitness News.

Last year, another man received the same sentence for eating a python, according to local reports.

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