12-Foot Python In Bathroom Is The Stuff Of Nightmares (PHOTO)

Try not to think about this the next time you get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

A Texas woman was taken by surprise earlier this month when she opened a door in her home and discovered a 12-foot python slithering around her bathroom.

"As soon as I turned on the light, that's when I saw it," Veronica Rodriguez told local newspaper The Eagle, which first reported the unlikely sighting. "It was crawling into my tub."

The publication shared a photo of the unwanted guest.

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python bathroom

Rodriguez, a 50-year-old mother, was washing her three pet guinea pigs before she heard an odd noise coming from the back of the house. Since she left the back door open for a few minutes while she was carrying each guinea pig from the house to their backyard cage, it's likely that the African snake slithered inside sometime when she was preoccupied, the Associated Press notes.

It reportedly took three animal control officers and a trash can to remove the exotic reptile from the home. The 12-foot python has since been claimed by its owner.

The sneaky snake adds to the list of unusual python sightings this month. In another incident in Singapore this week, a woman was reportedly bitten by a python that was in her toilet.



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