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Python In Toilet Reportedly Bites Woman In Singapore

Remember to look before you sit.

A woman in Singapore was in for a nasty surprise after she sat down to use the bathroom earlier this month and was reportedly bitten by a python that was in the toilet.

According to AsiaOne, 34-year-old Noraslinda Asat felt a sharp pain shortly after sitting down on the toilet in the master bedroom of her home. When she stood up she realized the pain was caused by a bite from a long snake that had its fangs clamped to her right thigh.

The woman was taken to a local hospital and treated for a snake bite but was discharged shortly thereafter.

Asat managed to grab the snake once it had bitten her; however, animal control was not able to recover the reptile, XinMSN reports. The snake has been described as a brown python that measures at least 6 feet.

Though terrifying, it's not the first time a snake has shimmied up some pipes. Last July, an Israeli man was hospitalized after a snake bit his genitals. The slithering reptile likely entered the plumbing system through a crack septic tank.

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