Man Snaps Selfie With A Python. The Snake Snapped Back, Unsurprisingly.


A man’s ill-judged attempt at taking a selfie with a captured python didn’t go entirely to plan.

He moved in to snap a photograph of himself alongside the serpent shortly after forest department officials had removed it from a hotel in Mount Abu, northwestern India, on Friday.

But as the unidentified man posed for the picture, the snake rose up and bit him on the shoulder.

A passerby captured the scary incident on camera and posted the footage online.

Incredibly, the man managed to immediately run away and only sustained minor injuries. Officials later removed the snake from the area. Its current location is not known.

Things could have been much worse for the selfie-taker, however. Footage emerged last week, showing a rock python swallowing an entire antelope in the western state of Gujarat.

Watch that terrifying video below:

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