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Python Vomits Dog: Huge Snake Regurgitates Dinner (GRAPHIC VIDEO)


Don't watch this if you're about to eat, or have just eaten.

Video reportedly from Bangkok that appears to show a python vomiting a whole dog has captivated corners of the Internet that have a somewhat iron stomach for the grotesque. What doesn't have an iron stomach? The snake, obviously.

Reptile expert Julie Mendezona suggested that the snake regurgitated the animal because the meal proved to be so large that it restricted the python's movement, according to 9 News Australia.

Yup. Nightmares.

"All that commotion is spooking the snake and he can't get away quick enough. He's probably pretty scared at the moment, so what he's trying to do is get away," Mendezona told the station.

This isn't the first time that the grotesque spectacle of a large snake losing its lunch has been caught on video.

Last year, video of an anaconda regurgitating a cow went viral.

Like other constricting snakes, pythons kill their prey by strangulation. Although rare, they have sometimes been known to kill and eat humans. Earlier this year, two Canadian boys were reportedly killed by an escaped python.

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