Cable News Networks Have Had An Atrocious Few Months In The Ratings

The ratings are out for the second quarter of 2014, and the results were not great for any of the cable news networks.

As usual, Fox News dominated MSNBC and CNN in total viewers and among viewers ages 25-54 during weekday primetime. MSNBC came in second during primetime, beating CNN by just 3,000 viewers in the key demo and besting CNN in total viewers 647,000 to 462,000.

MSNBC said it was CNN's worst quarterly delivery for total viewers during weekday primetime ever. CNN, however, edged out MSNBC in total day and dayside ratings.

Fox News and MSNBC also hit lows this quarter. Meanwhile, MSNBC fell behind HLN to fourth place in the key demo during total day (104,000 viewers). It came in fourth place for dayside ratings with 58,000 viewers — the network's lowest numbers since 2003.

Fox News suffered woes in the demo again: it saw the lowest 25-54 primetime viewership in thirteen years, since the second quarter of 2001. That's not surprising after the network saw a 12-year low in the demo for the month of May.