Qantas Airlines Book Series, 'Stories For Every Journey' Last The Duration Of Your Flight

There is something to be said for reading a good book on a long flight, but what if this book was designed specifically for your journey? You start when the wheels are up and just as you're wrapping up those final few pages, it's time to fasten your seat belt and put your tray tables in the upright and locked position.

That odd little fantasy can now be a reality if you're flying Australia's Qantas Airlines. They've developed a series of novels for their passengers called "Stories For Every Journey." Each book varies in length and is meant to last only as long as the duration of your flight, based on the average reading speed.

Each novel was written by an Australian author and was created in an effort to attract a more upscale customer to the airline. The CMO of Qantas Loyalty, Stephanie Tully, told Ad Age that this is "just one of many conversations we're developing with our members, from Bronze to Platinum One."

Does ditching your tablet and diving into an old-fashioned paperback sound like luxury to you? Sound off in the comments below.

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