Qantas Passenger Finds Maggots In Her In-Flight Snack (VIDEO)

Airplane food gets a bad rap, but you don't expect to find creatures crawling in it. But, that was the unfortunate experience for Victoria Cleven, who had an extra ingredient in her trail mix.

Cleven was flying from Los Angeles to Melbourne, Australia on Qantas when she ate some trail mix that didn't seem right.

"Something just didn't feel quite right," Cleven told 7News. "I felt like hair or something over my mouth."

She realized that the snack she was eating, bought from Qantas and supplied by the Sydney Biscuit Company, were infested with maggots -- as were other packets.

"It tasted strange, and I turned the light on and looked at the rest of the packet, and just started seeing maggots coming out of it everywhere," she told the Herald Sun.

Cleven took a photo and video (above) as evidence of her experience, but was told that only about $400 of the $1,600 flight would be refunded. According to Qantas, the incident could have been the fault of the Sydney Biscuit Company.

"Qantas sincerely apologizes to Mrs Cleven for the incident that occurred on her return flight from LAX to Melbourne," a Qantas spokesman told the Mirror. "Qantas has also contacted the supplier and is currently investigating how this issue occurred."

The CEO of the Sydney Biscuit Company called Cleven to apologize. It was suggested that moths could have gotten into the trail mix while being stored in a Qantas warehouse.

In-flight snacks have received some bad press in the past. In May 2011, a Virgin Australia passenger sued the airline, claiming a tainted chicken wrap served in-flight caused him to need kidney surgery. In November 2011, a woman sued American Airlines, blaming her husband's death on food poisoning caused by his in-flight meal.