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Qantas Passengers Refuse To Fly Without Pajamas, Delay Flight

Category:Qantas Category:First class (aircraft cabins.
Category:Qantas Category:First class (aircraft cabins.

A Qantas flight bound from LA to Melbourne was delayed after two first class passengers refused to fly without size extra large pajamas, reports the Herald Sun.

The Australian couple complained to staff, and would not accept another pair from business class, so they decided to leave the plane.

Passenger Angela Ceberano told the paper that the plane broke out in laughter when the captain made the announcement they would be delayed: "He said: 'Just to inform you all, the reason we've had the delay is because two of our first class passengers refused to fly on this plane as there was no extra large pajamas on board for them.'"

After waiting 30 minutes to offload the pair's bags, the flight departed and was able to make it to Australia on schedule.

Considering that first class passengers can pay around $10,000 for a LA to Melbourne flight, is it so crazy to be upset when one of the promised amenities is unavailable? Of course, there are many things a couple of grand can buy you, like an in-flight bar or a glass cruise cabin shower that hangs over the sea. Check those out, and other ways the 1% travels here.

Passengers of all stripes do crazy things though, not just people in first class. Besides all the drunk and unruly characters, and the ones that punch flight attendants, there are people like the man who opened an emergency door because of a crying child, or the guy who complained to the police that a flight attendant woke him up. Add to that the woman who got hit on the head by luggage and then threatened to sue the airline because the injury had affected her psychic abilities.

Wonder how that ranks on the list of air travelers' biggest pet peeves.