Quantum Living - The Science of Life > Life, Liberty, Freedom And A Revolution Of The Mind

Quantum Living - The Science of Life > Life, Liberty, Freedom And A Revolution Of The Mind
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What is freedom?

From the small personal freedoms to the grander notion of political liberty, freedom is defined as many things.

Many would define freedom simply as not being subject to the will of another-- unimpeded, unrestricted and restrained.

But true freedom is not merely to cast off one's chains of outer bondage or restriction, but rather it is the greatest and most elusive liberty of all-- I'm talking about inner freedom.

One of the fundamental insights of Vedanta, the five to seven thousand year old ancient Indian Vedic tradition, is the concept of Moksha / Mukti meaning "freedom". Vedanta comes from the Sanskrit word Veda, literally translated as knowledge.
Vedic science is an ancient science that teaches us that consciousness is everything, and that our inner realm or consciousness manifests and creates the outer world that we see. If this is so, then real personal, social and political freedoms are all illusionary and impossible to achieve without each of us first finding our own personal Moksha / Mukti, or inner freedom.

There can be no greater revolution on the street to bring Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, than the inner revolution that we can have of the mind.

What is this inner revolution?

It is an understanding that we are born into this world with absolute and limitless true inner freedom. That we are not merely "free to do", "free to be" or "free from" any of the many things in the external world, but rather that "we are" simply free. We only need open our inner eyes to see it.

This is where the quantum world comes into play.

How about that for a revolution of the mind.

Today, principles outlined in ancient Vedas can be heard echoed by such physicists as Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist and pioneer of String Theory, quoted as saying "the universe is a symphony of vibrating stings", or Amit Goswami, theoretical nuclear physicist, who in his splendid book Quantum Creativity, reminds us that in this ancient-- yet new-- quantum view of consciousness and reality, the small and solitary life of the individual gives way to the power and immensity of the collective whole.

So how do we spark this inner revolution?

Most of us are so accustomed to the soul trying enormities of the burdens and "un-freedoms" of everyday life that we feel shackled down, unable to see the subtle, diffuse, ever present freedom that is right within our reach. What holds us back from inner freedom are our false beliefs, doubts, fears, and personal illusions which we hold in the deepest corners of our minds and at the deepest cellular level. When we awaken our True Self we begin to access our quantum intelligence, reprogramming patterns of belief, setting the mind free of its old repetitive structures of thought, and giving birth to entirely new ways to experience inner freedom.

This paradigm shift in thought and lifestyle is no different than the one that shook the world of physics so many years ago. Some might say it's the beginning of the era of Quantum Living.

And just what is Quantum Living?

Quantum Living is best described as an extraordinary new approach to living that allows us to see our role in life of that of the active creator, rather than just the passive observer, creatively shaping our experience in a conscious and connected universe. It's an understanding that in this field of pure energy everything is possible, and knowing this, we live more thoughtfully, understanding every thought, feeling and action is in a delicate and interconnected dance at the deepest quantum level.

It seems like ancient blueprint for modern Quantum Living is Ayurveda because it provides a complete holistic approach to living that addresses all aspects of health and well-being, for body, mind and spirit. Key concepts of Ayurveda include universal interconnectedness (among people, their health, and the universe), the body's constitution (prakriti), and life forces (dosha), which are often compared to the biologic humors of the ancient Greek system. Everything fits into a unifying philosophy of balance -- living in sync with our own unique individual energetic makeup.

Ayurveda is a science of life. The name Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit meaning Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge. It teaches us that health and wellbeing is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit. It offers guidance on total lifestyle and living and makes use of the sister Vedic disciplines of Yoga and Meditation as powerful components to achieve this.

Revolutionizing your mind starts with conscious and mindful awareness. Lynne McTaggart, investigative journalist, internationally recognized spokesperson on the science of spirituality and the award-winning author of five set-selling books, including The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, states, "A thought is NOT only a thing; a thought is a thing that influences other things. At the quantum level, reality resembles unset Jell-O. It's ripe and ready for any programming you want to give it. Living consciousness turns the possibility of something into something real. The only thing dissolving this little cloud of "potential" into something solid and measurable is the involvement of an observer.

How is that for the ultimate expression of true freedom.

Remember that true freedom begins with you. Now let's start a revolution.

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