Inspirational Surfer Barney Miller Rides Waves, Wipes Out Limits

Barney Miller tells you everything you need to know about him in the first line of his day-in-the-life video: "I am a surfer."

As seen in the footage above, the Australian surfer catches waves without the use of his legs and limited use of his arms.

Miller suffered a spinal cord injury in an auto accident more than 14 years ago and was told he would never breathe on his own, let alone walk, according to a preview for a documentary about him called "No Means Go."

But Miller has his own plans: "I know I will walk again and I will dance at my wedding," he pledges in the short video.

The Red Bull segment gives Miller a chance to promote the Wings for Life World Run, which is happening in 35 countries on May 4. All registration fees benefit the Wings for Life foundation to fund spinal cord injury research, the event's website notes.