Quality Over Quantity: The Launch of Brett Johnson Co

Seeking quality in clothing. That is my aim every time I hear of a new designer or line launch. As I get a bit older I no longer gravitate towards fast fashion or mass manufactured pieces. What I want and what I believe most consumers want is a guarantee that the clothing they buy will stand the test of time.

But what does it take to achieve a long lasting piece and a line that stands the test of time? A connection with the consumer and quality material. Two very basic fundamentals I believe Brett Johnson Co has mastered.

gbenga obafemi
photo credit: Gbenga Obafemi

The Brett Johnson Collection premiered at the Soho House in New York this past Wednesday. The collection was full of rich Italian leather bombers, outerwear and high tops with just the right amount of detail. I appreciated Brett's clear connection with his consumer. He knows what his demographic is comfortable wearing. However, he is subtly nudging his buyer towards richer materials and pieces where detail is key. Brett traveled to Florence, Italy to choose the finest leather he could find for his collection. His collection was manufactured in the very same factory which houses high end lines such as Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga, a resource he was able to garner from Donna Karan, a long time family friend.

It's obvious that Brett was extremely hands on in the process. When chatting with this creative director it was clear that designing was in his make up. He mentioned that he had the idea to design sportswear similar to that of Nike or Adidas at the age of 11 or 12. As he matured and grew so did his style. He realized that he wanted to create something a bit more sophisticated. He decided to make a line for creatives due to his family legacy in the creative space, Bob Johnson the creator of BET being his father. With this in mind, it was important for Brett to design a line that didn't leave people short. "Quality over quantity" was his guiding motto. Brett successfully curated a high end line with a price point ranging from $695-$1,695 for outerwear and $295+ for sneakers.

With the reveal of his first collection and talk of his next collection on the way, which will include sweaters, scarves pants and the like, I am excited to see what this young creative will do and how the Brett Johnson Collection will grow.

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