"Quantum Of Solace" Bond Girl's Dramatic Death By Oil

It's not unusual for Bond Girls to be bumped off in bizarre ways...but none has met a stickier end than this.

In the new 007 movie Quantum Of Solace, Gemma Arterton's character is drowned in crude oil and her lifeless body is left draped over a bed in a scene deliberately reminiscent of the 1964 Bond classic Goldfinger.

Arterton, who plays an MI6 spy ordered to keep an eye on a renegade Bond, was covered from head to toe in sticky black liquid for the dramatic sequence.

She said: 'I couldn't move. I couldn't see, I couldn't breathe or hear because it went in my ears. It was unpleasant, but it's something I'll always remember and it will be an iconic part of the film.'

Producers will be hoping the image turns out to be as enduring as the memorable Sixties scene which inspired it.


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