17 Quarantine Tweets About Having, Wanting And Cutting Bangs

"If you're looking for a sign not to cut your own bangs today, this is it."

A lot of conflicting ideas have been hurled at bang enthusiasts and novices alike over the course of shelter-in-place orders ― hairstylists warning against cutting them yourself, other stylists offering tips on how to do it, and no shortage of memes warning about the risk of the at-home cut.

And let’s not get started on bangs in media. There are the tempting images of Dakota Johnson’s bangs in Marie Claire, Taylor Swift’s envy-inducing fringe during her “City of Lover” TV concert, Bella Hadid casually giving herself a wispy set and an entire fandom devoted to the fringe sported by Daisy Edgar Jones’ character Marianne in the TV adaptation of Sally Rooney’s book “Normal People.”

It’s been a roller coaster.

But some comfort can be taken in the fact that we’re not alone. Not when we pick up the scissors, not when we fantasize over a fringe and not when we mess up our own heads of hair.

Below, 17 too-true tweets about the temptation of lockdown bangs that far too many of us can relate to. Plus, one vivid Instagram that will certainly convince you to keep following shelter-in-place orders.