Stuck In Lockdown? Folks Online Share Hilarious Ways To Curb Boredom

Isolating yourself because of coronavirus? The internet is here for you.

As the coronavirus pandemic forces thousands of people into the confines of their homes, the internet is doing what it always does ― coming together in a time of crisis to produce ridiculous content.

On Monday, the hashtags #QuarantineLife and #stayhomechallenge began trending as people around the country either quarantined themselves after possible exposure to the virus, isolated themselves after testing positive or stayed home in an effort to practice social distancing and to limit community transmission.

While self-proclaimed introverts and homebodies were happy to report that things were going peachy in their households, others were clearly reaching new levels of boredom. Here are some of the ways people stayed entertained:

Antics aside, quarantine life is not without its struggles...

And finally, some more thoughtful people lent a helping hand by sharing important pet content:

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