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25 Generalizations, Wisdoms and Semi-Factual Truths I've Come to Realize During My Quarter-Life Crisis

Despite fulfilling all my New Year's resolutions of 2014, I couldn't help but feel slightly under-accomplished as I approached the quarter-life mark. Digging deep I realized it was partially due to the myths I maintained about youth and love and life.
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Being a December baby is tough. Firstly celebrations are always, without fail, overshadowed. Secondly, any minute celebrations of life are followed almost immediately by the need to reassess one's existence thanks to the ever looming threat of New Year's. This year was particularly heinous for me as I realized I turned 25 two days before Taylor Swift. And we all know what kind of year she had. So despite fulfilling all my New Year's resolutions of 2014 (maintain eyebrows better, strongly consider attending a yoga class and participate in one singular 10km run), I couldn't help but feel slightly under-accomplished as I approached the quarter-life mark. Digging deep I realized it was partially due to the myths I maintained about youth and love and life. On a quest to transform into a fully functioning independent adult, I have gravely reflected on life and have come to accept the following truths.

  1. Wine Drunk is neither more socially acceptable nor attractive than beer/tequila/vodka drunk.
  2. Prosecco, when consumed in a controlled environment, is lady petrol. When consumed excessively its something closer to a laxative.
  3. Uncertainty is the glue that binds twenty somethings together and its okay to not have a life plan.
  4. Its okay to think your dog is your soulmate.
  5. In order to attain the wardrobe of my dreams I must a) stop drinking so I can afford it and b) stop drinking so I can fit in it.
  6. There is no such thing as "just the one".
  7. Mentally nobody breaches 17. Every single person on the planet fears someday to be exposed by that fact that they are completely clueless.
  8. That pinterest hairstyle will only look good for ten minutes. That 'transformation' you crave will only leave you looking like the runaway protagonist in a coming of age movie that attempts to change their identity by bleaching their hair in a gas station toilet (with a toothbrush).
  9. Washing your hair everyday is disrespectful to the inventors of dry shampoo.
  10. You're not the youngest person in the nightclub anymore. Nor have you been for quite sometime. It is important to ask any potential dates their date of birth.
  11. Success is not accidental.
  12. Settling happens slowly. I used to look at older couples and sigh and the obvious settling. I assumed NAIVELY, that at some point in life a certain wave of desperation would crash over, that a sudden need to settle down would appear but that I would have the willpower, gal pals and self respect to overcome it. How ignorant I was. Settling happens gradually. It's the culmination of many a bad tinder date.
  13. Being unapologetically ambitious is not masculine. It makes you more like Beyonce.
  14. Your mother was/is/will be always right.
  15. Happiness comes from helping others.
  16. To have good friends you must be a good friend.
  17. You're always exactly where you're meant to be.
  18. Comparing yourself to others is pointless. Stress, happiness, wealth, health is all relative. Everyone is fighting their own battles.
  19. Eat well. Eat healthy. Exercise. But remember your body is not an exhibition, it's a vehicle to take you places.
  20. Have values. Have morals. Stick by them. But don't enforce them on other people. Live and let live.
  21. Surround yourself by people who support but also challenge you.
  22. Rachel is 25 in series one of Friends. It took her ten years to figure out her life. You've got time.
  23. Be honest. Always. Own up to your mistakes.
  24. Sleeping in late will make you more tired.
  25. Good things come to those who wait but great things come to those who go out and get them. Pursue the life you want with unapologetic ambition.