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Queasy about Edwards: Getting into Bush-like Explanations

Two campaign strategy decisions, each involving his wife, and John Edwards was "surprised"?
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I have met John Edwards on several occasions, and found him to be a thoughtful fellow. But, I am getting very queasy about him as a candidate for President, as he engages in Bush-like statements and explanations.

Item: Elizabeth Edwards' call in to Ann Coulter.
John Edwards claimed he knew nothing about that in advance.

Item: Elizabeth Edwards' call for Gay Marriage. Again, John Edwards expressed surprise.

Two campaign strategy decisions, each involving his wife, and he was "surprised"? We have lived more than six years with an administration whose respect for the American people is so low that they consider dissembling to be a virtue. Do NOT go down that path.

Ann Coulter call. The decision not to use Edwards himself to make the call, but to do the call at all, had to involve John. It was a bit of irrelevant political theater that enabled him to stay in the #3 spot in fundraising and was used for that purpose.

Gay Marriage. What a perfect duet. John Edwards remains opposed to gay marriage, he says, because of his own upbringing (a man exhorting others to transcend their upbringings!), so he does not marginalize himself with mainstream voters; while his wife proclaims her support of gay marriage so that the Edwardses together get enough of a boost among the gay community so that they might get most of their votes. And, John Edwards does not know?!?!

Let me be clear: I am not making a comment about either of the strategies, just John Edwards' protestations that he was uninvolved. Yes, and George Bush is still wondering who outed Valerie Plame.....

We cannot take another four years of dissembling. It is an insult to the American people. And, I will add something else -- even if, somehow, Edwards were unaware, he should take responsibility as if you had been. It is called leadership, and the quality in our next President that we need the most.

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