These Vintage Photos Prove That Queen Elizabeth II Is The Most Stylish Royal Of All

PHOTOS: Proof That Queen Elizabeth II Is The Most Stylish Royal Of All

It's not news that Queen Elizabeth II is a bit of a fashion icon. After all, she does have designers like Karl Lagerfeld praising her flawless and timeless style.

But, with all the hype surrounding Kate Middleton and every thing she wears, it's easy to lose sight of the fact that the queen was mixing prints and color-blocking way before the duchess was around.

In honor of her majesty's 88th birthday, we invite you to check out just how stylish the queen was -- and still continues, to be.

She understood the power of a great purse from a very young age:

queen elizabeth ii bag

She has the whole equestrian look down pat:

equestrian queen

She's never been afraid to play with pattern:

patterns queen elizabeth ii

queen elizabeth patterns 2

She loves a good scalloped edge:

scalopped edge

She knows a red lip makes every look better:

red lip queen elizabeth

She has the best bling:

queen elizabeth bling

She's not above repeating a statement piece:

fur stoll 1

fur stoll 2

She even walks the dogs in style:

dog walking

She was rocking floral crowns way before you were taking selfies in them at Coachella:

floral crown 1

floral crown 2

floral crown 3

...And turbans way before you could get them at Urban Outfitters:


Happy birthday, you royal fashionista!

happy bday queen

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