Queen Elizabeth Drives Her Jaguar From Church

Because that's how Her Majesty rolls.

Sweet ride, Your Majesty.

Queen Elizabeth II was spotted driving her Jaguar back from church on Sunday.

The monarch had just attended a service at Royal Chapel of All Saints in Windsor Park, The Telegraph reported.

She chauffeured a security guard as well.

According to the paper, the 91-year-old royal is the only person in the United Kingdom permitted to drive without a license.

The queen first learned to drive as a mechanic in the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II, the Express noted. She’s sometimes seen driving her Range Rover around her Sandringham estate.

While Buckingham Palace announced last week that the queen’s husband, Prince Philip, was retiring from royal duties, it seems the queen still isn’t shy about a little DIY transport.

She’s no Sunday driver, even if she is driving on Sunday.