Exhibit, 'Portraits And Power,' Explores The Fine Line Between Fiction and Reality In The Media

Now on view at the CCC Strozzina in Florence is an enticing exhibit called Portraits and Power. The show deals with the power of portraiture and the media, and the contemporary representation of political, economical and social power through the works of various artists. It explores the role that artists and institutions garner not only in portraying icons of power, but in manipulating the public. From portraits of Queen Elizabeth II, taken by Annie Leibovitz, to videos examining the devastating social and economic hierarchies of Dubai, this show is a learning experience, and a refreshing reminder of the political power of art.

If you can't make it to Florence for this show, simply reading about the exhibit on We Make Money Not Art, gives insight into the power of portraiture and the media, exposing injustices, and empowering readers with a critical look into modern portraiture and news strategy. Be sure to check out the slideshow of videos and images below for a sneak peak into the exhibit.

Photography Firenze