Queen Elizabeth II And Her Purple Hat Are Having The Best Day Ever

Matching your own rail line FTW.

You might be having a good Tuesday, but chances are it's not quite as good as the one Queen Elizabeth II is having.

For starters, today QEII is wearing this insanely fun purple hat.

Worn with a matching dress, pearl necklace and earrings, and a sparkly brooch, this look is just an all around good time.

Today, she also hung out with Boris Johnson, the mayor of London...

... Shook hands with some construction workers:

And even got to stand inside a new, unfinished rail station in central London.

But the real reason she's having the best day ever is because she did all of this to unveil a new rail line renamed in her honor. Naturally, it's marked purple.

The line, aptly named "Elizabeth," will debut in 2018 in the new underground station currently under construction.

Having a subway named after you, all while rocking an epic hat and simultaneously being all around the most adorable human on earth? Sorry, everyone else. The queen is officially having a better day than you.

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