Queen Elizabeth II Boat Ride Takes Royals To Burnley (PHOTOS)

The fun never stops on Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee tour, with Britain's royals traveling all over the United Kingdom (and beyond!) to fete the queen's sixtieth year on the throne.

On today's agenda: a boat ride! Queen Elizabeth II, her hubby Prince Philip and son Prince Charles set sail on the Pride of Sefton, a barge that took them down the Leeds and Liverpool Canal past throngs of waving fans.

The queen was headed towards Burnley, home to the British textiles industry and an area recently rejuvenated by Prince Charles' charitable work.

To do all her meeting-and-greeting, the queen was in her regular uniform: a colorful matching dress and coat by Stuart Parvin with a coordinating hat made by Rachel Trevor-Morgan. (Green, in case you were wondering, is her second favorite color, blue being her first.)

The coat-dress uniform is the one constant as Queen Elizabeth makes her way into all sorts of unlikely places. After the boat, the queen was expected at the Burnley Football Club's Turf Moor Stadium and will be visiting a zoo tomorrow.

Needless to say, we're super psyched about the zoo photo opps.

See the queen, Prince Charles and Prince Philip... on a boat.

Queen Elizabeth II Takes A Boat Ride