Queen Elizabeth II, Samantha Cameron Wear Matching Outfits (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Queen Elizabeth & Samantha Cameron Wear Matching Dresses

One favors young designers, stilettos and Fashion Week. The other prefers matching coat-and-dress combos, sensible black shoes and the occasional hairnet. So who ever expected Samantha Cameron and Queen Elizabeth II to match?

But the queen and the first lady got their color-coordination on today, posing for pics at Downing Street with their respective husbands, Prince Philip and Prime Minister David Cameron. The foursome joined together for a lunch with the U.K.'s current and former prime ministers just days before the 2012 Olympics sweep through town.

For the event, the queen skipped her typical jacket-dress situation and tried a pleated print skirt with a coordinating jacket trimmed in the skirt's print. As Stewart Parvin, a favorite designer of Queen Elizabeth II, told the Telegraph, the royal "does love an outrageous print."

So does Samantha Cameron. The first lady -- or SamCam, as we prefer to call her -- wore a short-sleeve dress nearly the same exact color as the queen's that also featured a white print.

Luckily, you could tell the two apart because of the queen's white gloves (!) and signature black pocketbook. Phew.

Dare we ask who wore it better?

"Oh no! Would you like me to change my outfit, Your Majesty?"

The Queen & SamCam Match

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