Queen Elizabeth II Will Only Wear Essie Ballet Slippers On Her Nails

Queen Elizabeth II Is Picky About Her Nail Polish

We've never met her personally, but we'd bet that Queen Elizabeth II is one discerning lady. We know about her preference for three-quarter sleeves and her aversion to pale colors, not to mention her meticulously catalogued wardrobe (every outfit has its own name). So should we be too surprised that when it comes to nail polish, she's a one-polish girl?

According to Essie's website, the queen's hairdresser wrote to Essie Weingarten (yes, the woman behind the nail polish brand) in 1989 requesting a bottle of Ballet Slippers, the only color the monarch would wear.

Which makes her like many women we know, who swear by the pale pink polish shade as the only one they'll use. Queen Elizabeth II, just like us?

Hardly. We can rarely see the queen's lacquered nails because they're always covered... in fancy gloves. Oh well.

She's always struck as as a Ballet Slippers kind of girl?

June 1927

Queen Elizabeth II's Style Evolution

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