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Queen Elizabeth II Attends British Order Service In Awesome Sparkly Regalia (PHOTOS)

Queen Elizabeth II is definitely a girl-about-town, frequenting England's high places in a variety of cool hats and purses. But it's rare that we get a glimpse of Her Majesty actually outfitted in her regalia.

At a service on Wednesday for the Order of the British Empire at St. Paul's Cathedral, the Queen and her husband, Prince Phillip, donned their most blinged-out attire to lead worshippers in a time of thanks and dedication.

She's wearing a crown! Attendants are carrying her train! We live for this stuff.

2,000 members of the OBE gathered in the cathedral to pay their respects and talents. The UK Press Association reports that the service included "prayers of thanks for the 'courage, idealism and diligence' of members of the order but also asked for God's forgiveness where there had been 'talents wasted in selfishness and greed.'"

Her Majesty was wearing a full-length red state dress and the sovereign's mantle, and what we're pretty sure is her Girls of Great Britain tiara, although sadly, we're not tiara experts. (We do recommend the Wikipedia page for the queen's personal jewels collection if you want to see some ah-maaaazing bling). We mean, really: does it get any better than the queen in full-on royal bling?

The Queen has been touring the country as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebrating 60 years of reign. We just hope she wears more of her awesome queen gear.