People Love This Old Video Of Queen Elizabeth Sprinting After A Young Prince William

Her Majesty took off after her overexcited grandson.

The internet is thoroughly enjoying adorable footage of Queen Elizabeth running after a pint-sized Prince William in the 1980s.

Last week, a Twitter account resurfaced a clip of the goofy moment, which occurred at the royal wedding of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson on July 23, 1986. 

“Late post, but it’s been 33 years since the wedding of Prince Andrew and Fergie in 1986,” the Twitter user, who goes by @katemidletons, wrote. “And so here’s Queen Elizabeth running after little Prince William to stop him from getting closer to the carriage. Her Majesty as a grandma is cute.”

People clearly loved the clip and said they could see Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis all doing the same thing:

Luckily, the queen saved William from an unfortunate accident and the rest of the wedding day went off without a hitch. 

Though Andrew and Fergie later divorced, one of their daughters, Princess Eugenie, recently posted about her parents’ wedding anniversary on her Instagram account.

“Who else has ever forgotten to congratulate their parents on their wedding anniversary!” the royal wrote. “I’m a day late but I wanted to celebrate my parents getting married 33 years ago... Thank you for always being the best of friends and bringing us up together.” 

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