Queen Elizabeth At The Market Self-Checkout Is Simply Glorious

Her Majesty had questions about customers possibly cheating at a Sainsbury's pop-up store.

She better not have cut in line.

Queen Elizabeth made it to a market’s self-checkout on Wednesday ― and had tough questions.

The 93-year-old monarch was visiting a London pop-up from Sainsbury’s to celebrate the British supermarket chain’s 150th anniversary. The store was decorated to somewhat re-create an old-timey vibe, but Her Majesty had very 21st-century concerns about the modern technology being used, outlets reported.

Manager Damien Corcoran demonstrated the self-checkout, prompting the queen to ask (as seen in the clip above): “And you can’t trick it? You can’t cheat then?”

He assured her that the system worked, and that shoppers like the convenience of it.

I’m sure they do,” she said. “Everybody wants to hurry.”

The queen toured the store and didn’t actually use the machine.

According to People, the queen has visited supermarkets “a handful of times in her life ― normally on official business.” But she is said to secretly shop in Scotland on occasion during summer break.

"And you can't trick it?" the queen asked.
"And you can't trick it?" the queen asked.