Queen Latifah Never MET Michael Jackson, Despite Eulogizing

Performers John Mayer and Jennifer Hudson had also never met Jackson, Brooke Shields hadn't seen him in 18 years, and Usher and Mariah Carey both barely knew him.

She may have delivered a eulogy at his memorial, but Queen Latifah never actual MET Michael Jackson.

On Letterman Wednesday night, the actress-singer was asked about the memorial, and she told the host, "I never actually got to meet him, my partner met him because we managed Naughty by Nature and they did a remix with him. He thought I had beautiful cheekbones, I do know that much."

She did not say how she came to be part of the memorial.

Latifah then talked about what the whole Jackson family meant to her, Michael's influence on her childhood and how moving the whole memorial experience was.

Dave, who actually HAD meet Michael, shared a story about doing a bit with him in the 80s when he was still a standup comedian.


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