Elderly Couple Thrown Off Ship For Dinner-Time Fight (VIDEO)

This is one of the stranger things we've heard in a while. A well-to-do Manhattan couple named Gloria Sher and Frederick Evans were recently kicked off Cunard's ultra-fancy Queen Mary 2 for getting into a fight with fellow passengers, according to AOL and CBS News.

One night at dinner, 82-year-old, 95-pound Gloria told a man at her table to "shut up" after he said that there were "too many f***ing Jews" on the ship. Gloria, who is, in fact, Jewish, got upset.

The next day Gloria and her 91-year-old husband were called to the Commodore's office, where he told them that they were being kicked off the ship. They were, in fact, allowed to stay on the ship under "house arrest" for a few more days as it made its way back to New York from Quebec.

They were then let off the ship in New York, unable to continue on the ship's 30-day voyage to England and the Mediterranean, which costs $20,000. So far Cunard has not refunded the couple.