Princess Maxima Zorreguieta: The Argentine Woman To Become The First Latina Queen Of Holland

On April 30, Princess Maxima Zorreguieta will be the first Argentinian to become a queen. The 75-year-old Beatrix of the Netherlands will publicly sign her abdication and pass the throne to her eldest son Willem-Alexander, husband of Maxima and father of her three daughters. The anticipation in the European country grows by the hour and “Maximamania” has just burst! The subjects residing in the country of tulips and bicycles just adore the spontaneous, bubbly blonde Princess who has won their hearts.

It will be somehow a sad day for Princess Maxima though, as her family will not be present at the ceremony, as they were at her wedding. It appears that Princess Maxima herself has made the decision, not wanting the past of her father, who served as minister during the dictatorship in Argentina, to cloud the image of the crown that is to belong to her and her lovely little family.

Despite this, Princess Maxima and Willem-Alexander will be surrounded by the Dutch citizens and many European spectators who will make a date of viewing the royal palace in Amsterdam with their brand new monarchs. In the finest British style, the main streets of Holland are filled with merchants selling scarves, mugs, pillows and even dishes with the new king and queen’s faces printed on them. Are you a true monarchist but can’t travel to Amsterdam on April 30? No problem! You can purchase your own set online!

What will Princess Maxima wear on her Coronation Day?

¡Hola! magazine reports that Prince Willem will wear a tuxedo with a white vest. A simple and elegant outfit that will contrast with the spectacular royal mantle of ermine fur he will be adorned with, the same one his mother, Queen Beatrix, wore at her coronation in 1980.

But, what about Princess Maxima? She will be the first Dutch queen consort since 1849. Rumors say she will choose a spectacular tiara and diamond jewelry, her favorite. She will probably choose a dress in a pastel color, given the solemnity of the event. Perhaps designed by Valentino, who already created her wedding dress. But we will certainly see the new queen wearing some of her favorite outfits for the celebrations before and after the ceremony. Princess Maxima loves bright colors like orange, red and fuchsia. She looks stunning in wonderfully carved jacket suits that she adorns with spectacular sunhats and headdresses created by designer Fabienne Delvigne.

Princess Maxima is definitely one of the most attractive royals, thanks to her overwhelming smile, her Latino air of spontaneity and the way she carries herself; proud of herself and her curvy figure.

Princess Maxima of the Netherlands—A popular, confident Latina

Vanity Fair Spain magazine recently published an article about Princess Maxima in which her American friends remembered her as an intelligent, strong and seductive woman. “No doubt Maxima will be a great queen, because she always got what she wanted,” said an old colleague from her years in New York, where she lived and worked before meeting Prince Willem-Alexander in Seville (Spain) in 1999, at the age of 28.

Her old mate also contributed a story that defines Princess Maxima very well: “One night we went dancing at Spy Bar, which was very popular in the nineties. Upon arrival, we were told it was a private party for Armani. There was a long line and they would not let anyone in. Maxima began shaking her blond hair in front of the door man, telling him funny things. Minutes later, we were in.” That was Maxima. A woman who arrived to New York soon after her graduation and spent six months sleeping on a friend’s couch. “She must have sent about 60 resumes to various banks until she got a job,” her friend admitted.

The official agenda of the new King and Queen of Holland

The royal couple already has a full agenda of activities well after their coronation. As reported by the Dutch Royal House, on May 23rd, Her Royal Highness Maxima will inaugurate the first hospital for breast cancer patients in the country.

During the months of May and June, Maxima and William will visit each of the Dutch provinces to soak up the affection of their subjects. In the middle of their tour, the king and queen will pay a short visit to Germany, as part of a trade mission taking place in Angela Merkel’s country. Let’s see if the charming Latina queen manages to put a smile on the German chancellor’s usually stern face! She seems to brighten up everyone else’s visage!