Queen Victoria's Knickers Fetch $14,000 At Auction (PHOTO)

PHOTO: The Original Granny Panties

A pair of generously-sized underwear -- granny panties, if we may? -- once belonging to Queen Victoria sold for $14,000 at an Edinburgh auction yesterday.

An anonymous buyer purchased the knee-length panties for 9,375 pounds, or about $14,500, during an auction of items from London's Old Battersea House - the London home of the Forbes family, the American publishing dynasty, reports ABC Australia.

The white underwear are made from "several yards of fine cream silk" and embroidered with the letters VR -- standing for Victoria Regina, reports the Daily Mail. Other items from the house's collection also sold at the auction, including the four-poster bed that Dame Elizabeth slept in with her seventh husband.

Back in 2008, a different pair of Queen Victoria's bloomers sold at an auction for $9,000. Looks like enthusiastic collectors are willing to shell out to own a piece of the original Victoria's secret.

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