QueenMode -- The New Success Rules!

Imagine a life where you could have anything that your heart desired because you were so connected to the source of all things.

Where your presence and your purpose is such a strong light that you don't need to chase opportunities or people, opportunities and people pursue you!

In this state of being you are tapped in, turned on and you know that pleasure is your birth right and you don't have to work hard to have success.

We were all born to experience this and as women we are in our power when we are connected to this state of being that I call QueenMode.

A queen is a woman who is the embodiment of love in this world. She is deeply connected to her higher self and her higher purpose, which creates a ripple effect on the world around her.

This isn't a state of hierarchy, it's not a one a million type of women, it's the power that every woman has within her.

QueenMode is a state of being.

For too long now women have been in a state of doing. We have been in "beastmode" and have been working our butts off to get ahead. We have had to stay in "doing mode" to maintain the rest of our lives. Most women are not even aware that they are in "masculine mode" as most probably think this is just how women have to operate to stay afloat and definitely if they want to get ahead in their careers or achieve anything on their "list."

Some of you reading this may be aware that this is a problem. You may be burnt out, overwhelmed, feeling flat, or numb to life. The good news is that we do not have to do more to succeed. QueenMode is state of being where you perfectly balance the masculine and the feminine energy. This allows you to succeed and manifest all that you desire, while you also receive pleasure and have fun!

To awaken your Queen you may begin with these five principles:

1. Balance
For your body and life to thrive you must balance both the masculine and feminine energy. It is the secret to drawing in all that you want from life, from a thriving abundant career to beautiful intimate relationships.

The Divine Feminine desires you to:
  • Honor her
  • Feed her with pleasure
  • Pamper her
  • Surrender to her
  • Listen to her intuition
  • Connect to her sensuality
  • Feel and embody her in your movements
  • Take her back to nature
  • Let her be supported and given to
  • Allow her to effortlessly receive
Your Divine Masculine calls you to:
  • Give more
  • Set up structures to support your business or home life
  • Plan for your success
  • Set goals
  • Establish priorities
  • Take inspired action
  • Set healthy boundaries

2. Presence
Your presence is your greatest gift. When a women is radiating her light she is able to heal and ignite the light of the word around her. Her presence is what draws in her deepest desires.

A woman's presence is her unique fingerprint of God on her life. She commands the universe to stand up and deliver to her all that is in her heart. To radiate your presence you must be present!

Breathe deeply into each moment, do not block out the world but delight in the sounds and smells around you. Spend time with those that you love and give them your complete attention. There is nothing but this very moment.

3. Pleasure
Pleasure is the deliciousness of life. It is a state of being that opens us up to experience the depth of life. Pleasure can be experienced in the simplest moments of life but most importantly we find pleasure when we really take time to be in the moment and drink up the sweetness of life.

Pleasure may take many forms but essentially it is what lights up every cell in your body. You may find this in eating a delicious meal, being pampered, dancing with your friends, self pleasure or making passionate love.

4. Embodiment
Embodying what we learn is vital in transformation and not bringing your desires into your body can be why you are not manifesting with ease. Knowledge is power but embodying and living it, is everything!

Our ideas and creations can also get stuck in our heads. We don't always embody them and ground them into the earth so it is difficult for the universe to bring them into fruition.

My favorite way to do this is through movement. This will gets you out of our heads and into your heart but it also shifts the energy that may be stuck in your body.

Moving your body every day is incredibly supportive to your Queen. Dance, walk, shake, jump, run, lift weights, do yoga, just move!

5. Receive
Although this is ultimately the feminine aspect of us, it's important to highlight because many women are blocked in the art of receiving because their masculine is in overdrive.

Receiving is pure alignment to source and opening our hearts to all that source energy has for us.

To receive more we need to be in complete alignment with love. We need to be In love. In love with ourselves, our relationships, our work, our families, our environment. We need to feel love in all that is.

When you are in a space of love then your heart will stay open and you will quieten your head's judgement and fear.

You are worthy of all that you desire and were born for such a time as this! If you make a conscious decision to step up to your throne and remember who you were born to be, you will shift into a positive and powerful vibration when you need to manifest a desire!

Lyn Mac is the creator of Fit Soul Secrets where she teaches women holistic health, fitness and spirituality. She is passionate about awakening women to their Queen within and you can find out more on how to do this in her free ebook, QueenMode. Download here.