Queens Catholic School Terminates Teacher For Creating 'Burn And Rot In Hell' Website

Catholic Teacher In Hot Water For Starting 'Burn In Hell' Website

St. Francis Prep School in Queens has become a hotbed of controversy after the school recently suspended a teacher for starting her own personal website -- titled "Burn and Rot in Hell!" But as myfoxny.com reports, Elizabeth Cucinotta, who taught at the prep school for four years before being let go for starting the site, is not going out without a fight.

"That this school would do something like that to me? I'm appalled," she said.

The school was especially upset by the "bad teachers" and "bad students" categories on the site.

"They just suggested I take them down today, which I'm not going to do." said Cucinotta.

Cucinotta started the site, with its subhead "I vent, therefore I am," as a way for people to rant on a variety of topics -- from exes to politics to "bad teachers" and "bad students." Sort-of an "angry Facebook," as she dubbed it.

The school issued this statement on the issue to Fox 5:

"Miss Cucinotta has been suspended pending an investigation for a potential violation of the school's mission and the teacher's obligation to fulfill that mission."

Though initially just suspended, Cucinotta said Friday that her bosses at St. Francis told her she'll be receiving a letter of termination in the mail.


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